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2022 is the year of wallets. Many experts have stated this in their forecasts.
UseCrypt Nation doesn’t wait, but acts. Therefore, from day to day we are launching our own crypto wallet. It is currently in the testing phase. We are also considering the option of giving it to our community to test it through a test flight. The most active users will not be left without our attention. But more on that later.

Why is everyone talking sharply about wallets?
MetaMask has announced that they are launching their own token. The capitalization of the MetaMask is 7 billion and therefore the entire sector of wallets went up.
TWT grew by +100% over the month — from 60 cents to $1.20 with a capitalization of 400+ million.
Other wallets are now actively developing and it’s our turn to introduce ours.

The UseCrypt Nation wallet is Non-custodial. We don’t have access to private keys, to the seed phrase. That is, just like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. This provides users with maximum security.
After the official launch, this wallet will only work on the BNB Smart Chain. But in the future, new networks will be added and it will become a MultiChain Wallet.
We have every reason to create serious competition for MetaMask and Trust Wallet. After all, our wallet will connect with the rest of our products. Similar to Google. When you use their products, you enter one ecosystem. And the company sees your account automatically pulls up data in another product.
The same system will be in UseCrypt. When buying goods in one application, funds will be debited from the wallet located in another application. No one has ever done such automation and simplification of monetary crypto transactions. It will look like paying for your YouTube subscription from your crypto wallet in one click.

Such ease of use is very important. The use of cryptocurrency now means a lot of operations and authorizations. We have already simplified and will continue to simplify your use of cryptocurrency.

Example: You can’t connect your crypto wallet for a monthly Zoom payment. This every time requires your time and attention.
But you can connect your wallet to UseCrypt Video (similar to Zoom) and the funds will be automatically debited, you only need to accept the payment, similar to online banking apps payment.

As a result, by simplifying the use, we are taking the first step of popularizing crypto. We are in a civilized world where for 2 finger taps you can carry out a large and small monetary transaction. UseCrypt Nation introduces the payment method we are accustomed to using only cryptocurrencies.
Apple pay is comfortable, let's see how a similar system will work in crypto, starting from the UseCrypt ecosystem.

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