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2 min readApr 25, 2022


We love the world of cryptocurrency for the rapid inflow of capital. And it happens very often, as there are so many factors influencing the currency.

Big companies have an immediate word in this world. Influential individuals have a very significant word in this world. After all, if you open a business like the leader of the Forbes list positions, it doesn’t mean that profits will come to you. But if you follow a cryptocurrency in which that same leader is invested, the likelihood of success is much higher.

For UseCrypt Nation, it’s important to be heard with your idea. It’s important for UseCrypt Nation to create a circle of like-minded people. And these are strong people. People who understand the importance of their words and action. And who want to channel their resources into freedom and privacy.

What do our partners get?

For our future cryptocurrency partners and big players in the crypto world, we have prepared an exclusive opportunity. They will be able to enter already at this stage.

The main target of our ecosystem is people. Because our business model first of all based on people, only with a people we can create economic DAO.

The NFT community that decides to join us gets a unique opportunity to choose the area they want to be in.

We’re still keeping the neighborhoods intrigued because that’s a very significant aspect of buying land. But for our partners, there will be a backstage pass before the show.

More of the specials — you’ll get the opportunity to mint our passport at a priority queue.

Get guaranteed spots in the later stages for your NFT holders. As well as individual extras and the opportunity for mutual advertising with us.

They have already joined us: Citizenz NFT, Polsat Media, Oxygen City.

But of course, we won’t be spared our users: We’ve prepared access to licenses for activity. Subscribe to our social networks and stay tuned!

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