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2 min readMar 28, 2022


“Anyone who believes in the infinite growth of anything physical on a physically limited planet is either a lunatic or an economist”

is a deflationary currency on the BNB Smart Chain, which is the main currency for payments in the UseCrypt Nation ecosystem. Its growth in value over time is determined by the limited supply and growth in the value of the products and services of the companies it represents — not by the pursuit of profit or short-term financial needs.

We believe that the currency we use must have value and the ability to buy the services that come with it.

The number of tokens is limited by the confirmed value of the UseCrypt company.

represents real value, for example — with the planned listing on the stock exchange (each company in our family, the first pre-ipo round will be dedicated exclusively.

On the diagram from our tokenomy, you can see the distribution, description, and allocation of tokens, official contract address will be available on our website:

Distribution Binance BinStarter Huobi Global Coinbase


Instead of aiming at the accumulation of purely economic forms of capital, we explicitly value ​​all forms of capital, including social capital, human capital, and natural capital. Instead of maximizing profit for the 1% of humanity, we aim to maximize profit for society as a whole.

This eliminates the consequences of excessive exploitation of the environment, the exploitation of people, and makes it impossible to treat labor, and therefore a person, as a commodity.


One starts from 1$.

The number of tokens is preceded by the confirmed value of the company with the value of the company or object.

One is “green” — it does not pollute the environment.

One purifies 10 m3 of air (because with the investment in we install Oxygen air purification filters).

cannot be mined, produced speculatively — using the technological or economic advantage of one or another entity (state, speculative company).

— used by free people, artists, loosely as a social manifesto assigned to an individual.

fights for the right to personal freedom in terms of privacy, ecology, economic freedom.

By choosing us, you choose our values. And unlike other countries, where you choose according to the already established law and economic condition, in UseCrypt Nation you build your own prospects.

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