The first decentralized communicator: which blocks third-party services from collecting your data

3 min readMay 12, 2022


Today we’re going to reveal all the features of our UseCrypt Messenger communication app.

It is the most secure communicator for cell phones. We developed its own system for it, which allows HD-encrypted calls and messages. So while making calls and messages through the UseCrypt Messenger you protect them with end-to-end encryption and all cryptographic operations are performed only on your device.

UseCrypt Messenger is the only app that encrypts the database in our app on your smartphone, preventing you from extracting the contents of conversations from your device and call history. Even if you have your phone physically stolen all your data (messages, call and conversation history, downloaded files) in UseCrypt are secure. This is very important because you can lose your phone, it can be stolen, you can give it to a service. And you need to block all your cards at once, end-all sessions so that others do not use your account. Having secured yourself in advance with UseCrypt you can not worry about such cases.

An additional method of protection is a password that does not depend on the operating system of your phone. So no one but you can open it.

Your data in the UseCrypt Messenger app is secure, even if your Face ID is hacked.

In addition to protecting yourself in advance, UseCrypt makes sure that your phone is not hacked. UseCrypt Messenger is the only app that has introduced this feature. If you start messenger, UseCrypt makes sure that no other app has access to the microphone and speaker. And if it finds extraneous resources or settings that are harmful to your phone, it informs you.

Your phone will not work as a voice recorder in the background. You can be sure that your smartphone hidden in your pocket or lying on the table does not hear or record the course of your private and business meetings.

Such features are very important to users who understand the importance of privacy in all its manifestations.

Of the following ways to get your data is using shared Wi-Fi networks. UseCrypt Messenger does not use the so called webRTC protocol (for example, Wi-Fi in cafes or airports). Consequently, no third party has the ability to determine who you are calling and where you are

finds the person you are calling. Instead, it will only see the IP address of our server.

By using UseCrypt Messenger, you can be sure that your location and the location of your interlocutor there is completely anonymous.

In addition to preventing anyone from accessing your information, UseCrypt also does not store your data.

None of our products archive your call history, conversation or text message data on our servers. UseCrypt Messenger servers technically cannot record or store any information.

UseCrypt Messenger will not share your data with any third party (law enforcement requests) and will not use your data in any other way information (such as selling metadata).

Since your phone acts as your server, what happens if you decide to uninstall UseCrypt Messenger?

UseCrypt Messenger is the only WASTING app that deletes data from your device. Unlike other apps, our messenger makes it impossible to recover deleted conversations and files.

If all of the above did not play a decisive role in your choice of network, we would like to draw your attention to one important fact:

When you buy UseCrypt Messenger you don’t have to pay for the rest of our applications. For $15 you get UseCrypt Messenger, UseCrypt Video, UseCrypt Live.

Also buying messenger you have the opportunity to become a shareholder, or rather to get a full token kashback.

All applications keep your privacy and work only for you.