Why at each stage of the presale the price is 1 USD and why it exactly reflects the listing price?

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3 min readApr 15, 2022


When you analyze a product in which you want to invest your money, you must research everything carefully. You must understand not only its essence but also evaluate its price. Take into account all the pitfalls. Today we will give a clear answer to one of the most common questions about the Usecrypt Nation.

1) To begin with, this project reflects the 1:1 value of its components. Those. companies (and their products) that make up the Usecrypt nation ecosystem.

The capitalization corresponds exactly to the capitalization of the components.

UseCrypt Nation reflects its values ​​everywhere and always. Giving users the opportunity to develop our company, we increase their income. There is nothing stronger than motivated users of the new metaverse. By buying SoCap now you pay the minimum price and you can increase it yourself.

2) Tokens have a real value already at the pre-sale stage — you can use them to buy products and services of companies that are part of Usecrypt Nation, and in the nearest future, other company's products that will join the ecosystem.

The bureaucracy will do a lot of operations so that your money does not take effect immediately. Social capitalism will do a lot to kill these attitudes. UseCrypt Nation is interested in giving you everything and forever. Relying on the fact that you are no longer just a user, but our partner. Once you believe in us, you become the owner of advanced applications first.

3) Tokens represent the real value of the company at the pre-IPO stage on Nasdaq and can be exchanged at the current value for UseCrypt USA stocks. Exactly the same stocks that traditional market investors would buy

Feel like a VIP guest at a private concert. While everyone is gathering in the evening, you already know the program till the morning. And while everyone is trying to find a place for themselves at least somewhere, you are sitting on the couch in the first row. You can sell your place, or you can enjoy it in the best conditions.

4) The cashback feature accurately reflects the real value paid for Usecrypt products and services, i.e. as much as you pay in US dollars for our products and services, you will receive in SOCAP — if we artificially changed the price of the token, we would deceive all users and shareholders. If the value of the token increases, for example, to 2 USD, then products and services can be bought for half of the original cost, which means that from the first day we earn on the increase in the value of the ecosystem.

A transparent system with a logical outcome. We know it will be profitable. By gathering innovators in our community, we guarantee ourselves a profit. Being in such a society, guarantee growth for yourself.

By establishing true and profitable economic trends for our users, we can definitely count on creating a truly great system. You can analyze all our steps and you will not see the catch. With this approach, we evoke a response from our target audience. The price of SOCAP is fair, reflects equality, and carries value beyond just coins. It is important for us to talk about the system from the inside so that you can take on the role of owner. Understanding each process, understanding your possibilities in this system, you will have only one question — “when do we start?”



SoCap Bonus

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